Gallet is a historic Swiss manufacturer of high-end timepieces for professional, military, sports, racing, and aviation use. It’s the world’s oldest watch and clock making house with history dating back to Humbertus Gallet, a clock maker who became a citizen of Geneva in 1466. The Gallet & Cie (Gallet & Company) name was officially registered in 1826.

The firm is universally recognized as the “Maître du Chronographe” (Master of the Chronograph). For over 550 years, Gallet timepieces have been the first choice for the world’s most important timekeeping applications and the company is still producing 100% Swiss timepieces of exceptional quality in Switzerland. With a history of groundbreaking innovations and a centuries old tradition of unsurpassed quality, Gallet timepieces are the first choice of governments, organizations, and individuals that require more from a watch than simply telling the time of day.​

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