Mincovňa Kremnica

Mincovňa Kremnica is one of the oldest continuously manufacturing manufacturers worldwide. Its story began in 1328, when the Hungarian King Charles Robert of Anjou promoted Kremnica, a settlement surrounded by rich gold deposits, to a free royal town and granted to it the privilege to operate a mint. Coins that started to be minted here were made of gold with a purity of 23 carats and 9 grains and they followed coin patterns coming out of Florence.

Because of its Latin inscription, people started to call this type of coins ‘ducats’, and the coins became historically known under just this name. All Kremnica ducats were considered the hardest currency in Central Europe. The mint has been continuously producing for almost 700 years now. Its products are made for all continents and are to be found in more than 70 countries around the world. Among its products are not only coins and medals but also plaques, tokens, awards, orders and so on.

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