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Náš Liptov

Specially manufactured sheep cheese has always been on Slovaks’ plates, but also an important export article. Bryndza was exported all the way to Vienna on wagons padded with straw and oštiepok has always been popular thanks to its taste and durability. Since 1902, products from non-pasteurized milk have been manufactured in Liptovský Mikuláš, in the very center of Slovak nature.

Liptov dairy (Mlékárna Liptov) is an exclusive purchaser of milk from 73 farms, collectives and chalets, helping to keep jobs of more than 400 herders and drovers and preserve nature of the Liptov area. In 1990, Mlékárna Liptov has expanded its portfolio with new products, such as termix, processed cheese and sour milk products.

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