Ruční papírna Velké Losiny

Handmade paper mill Velké Losiny belongs among the oldest manufacturers of its kind in Europe, it’s been producing its handmade paper since the 16th century. In 1596, the paper mill issued its so far oldest known watermark in form of the Žerotín blazon. Its handmade paper is still produced in a traditional way with use of cotton and linen. Moreover, a hydroelectric power station was put into operation here in 1913. Thanks to its high quality and durability, the handmade paper from Velké Losiny has been used for centuries in visual arts, important personal and business correspondence, for ceremonial purposes or in books.

The unique premises of Handmade paper mill Velké Losiny, which, considering its more than 400 years old continuous manufacturing has no parallel in the central Europe, was put on national List of heritage sites in 2001.

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