We are The Green tree distillery, a Czech company and the oldest spirit producer in Europe.

We are looking for excellent brands, which we want to show to good advantage.

Single barrel 500 years

We are looking for quality, sociability and persistence ambassadors. Our project The Treasures of the Old Continent aims at showing the fame and tradition of the producers who have a similar vision as we do, and to support the brands which take pride in their craftsmanship and history. All the parties who have got on our list, are sent a limited edition of one of our products – and we are curiously waiting what we will get from them in return.

Our story began in year 1518. In our history we have gone through both the economic growth and success, and concerns and political changes. We are a unique company not only in the Czech Republic, but also in the whole Europe. And it is the 500th anniversary of our company, which we see as the ideal opportunity to both celebrate and publicize the experience of other exceptional companies, the representatives of their line of work.

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