New emulsion liqueurs

GRANETTE & STAROREŽNÁ Distilleries, which is a market leader in emulsion liquors ïn the Czech Republic, brings constant innovations in both the product and packaging presentation of its products. The latest in new and exciting products that are now on the market is the MISSIS range. Customers can easily identify it by the bottle’s colour. The Missis CAVE DREAM is in a transparent bottle that emphasizes the color and density of the liquor, Missis CREAMY and Missis DESERT LIGHT are in chocolate brown bottles, underlining the products exclusivity.

“Graphic designers from Pergamen in Trnava, Slovakia, played not only with the bottle itself, but also with the logo. They added a bit of femininity to the bottles not only in terms of shape, but also in the fine details of the bottle. The pearl necklace in the emboss around the letter M, cut-out shapes reminiscent of the curves of a woman are a feast for the eyes whilst sitting down with a Missis liqueur and it also emphasizes that both MISSIS creamy and Missis Deserts LIGHT belong on a table of every Czech household,” said Martina Weberova, marketing manager of Missis o or GRANETTE&STAROREŽNÁ Distilleries

The redesigned MISSIS logo is a refined rendition of a female neckline decorated with small pearls.