The Green Tree Distillery finally has its own tree

PROSTĚJOV (September 15, 2013) – The center of Prostějov has been sporting a new tree since Sunday. It is a common linden tree planted by the Mayor of Prostějov Miroslav Pišťák and by representatives of the Prostějov liqueur of GRANETTE & STAROREŽNÁ Distilleries, General Manager Pavel Kadlec with Production Director Pavel Hála, who were seconded by other city representatives and GSD.

This happened at this year’s Hanakian Festival to commemorate the 495th anniversary of the founding of The Green Tree Distillery, the oldest of its kind in Europe that operates without interruption. The distillery is today part of the Prostějov liqueur of GRANETTE & STAROREŽNÁ Distilleries. The place where the linden was planted is located just outside the original mansion, the Green Tree House.