We have ten medals from the Spanish Catavinum competition

When we can’t travel, at least our bottles travel. This time we sent several of our products to compare their qualities with spirits from around the world to the Catavinum World Wine & Spirits Competition in Spain. And they made us happy, because they definitely didn’t lose in the competition.

Hanácká Griotte, the egg liqueur Egg Dream and Hanácká vodka are now proud of the silver from the Southern European competition. Our new Spanish golds are Persiko almond liqueur, Czech traditional Starorežná, Heffron rum and the new Hanácká vodka Silver. And another gold was brought by the Old Hunter’s Reserve, which has been thriving in tasting competitions around the world for a long time. We then achieved huge success with the pure delicate brandy Pure Apricot and our new product Old Hunter’s Selection, which even won the Gran Oro award, or big gold.

The eleventh year of the Spanish competition was attended by three and a half thousand registered products from more than twenty countries. Competitors in the wine and spirits categories included, for example, Australia, the United States and South Africa.